Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Spyder Code Auto Completion not Working [Solved]

Spyder Code Completion/Inspect not Working Solved

The reason of you to land on this page are the keywords that you searched. So Many of us have faced this issue that Code Completion is not working in the Editor Window of Spyder but may be working in the Console of Spyder.
Along with it, may be Ctrl+I (Inspect) is also not working in Editor but working in Console.

So the solution is very simple just follow the Steps Below:-

  1. Close the Spyder IDE
  2. Run the following command in a terminal/console/cmd of the OS(conda should be installed globally otherwise navigate to the folder where it is installed).
                                            pip list enum34 
    1. See if there is a library named enum34 is listed if it is not listed then skip the next step and continue from step 5.
    2. Just uninstall the enum library as it is not needed form python version 2.4 and above, Unisnstall it  using follwing command-   
                                                      pip uninstall enum34
      1. Reset the  Spyder by 
                                              spyder --reset

        1. Start the Spyder IDE and check the Code Suggestion by using TAB key.
        It Will be Working as expected, Code Completion would be working fine in the editor Window as well as the CTRL+ I for Inspecting will also be working fine.

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