Thursday, 21 January 2016

[SOLVED] Signature Error ATmgega328 Permanantly in Arduino

Simplest Solution To Add Support For Atmega328 (With NO P) To Arduino

No Need of Configuring the Files Again and Again Or Compiling Separately

A new Board is added in under tools As Arduino Uno w/ATmega238(no p)

Use this Board to use ATmega328 in your Project
It will compile for it and upload to your Microcontroller.

As Simple As Copy/Paste.

Download This  THIS Rar file , Extract It and Follow the Instruction ReadMe.txt .


1. Compiler (avr-gcc) For ATmega328 is added and Configured.
2. Upload Tool (avrdude) is added and Configured.
3. Other Required Tools are Added.


1. ATMega328 Supported avr-gcc is added
2.In Configuration File Of Avrdude (avrdude.conf) definition of ATMega328 is Added Just Below the Configuration Of ATMega328p.


1. Download The rar File
2. Extract The Files (Readme.txt And hardware.7z)
3. Extract the hardware.7z File(You can Use 7z)
4. Copy The File in Location ArduinoFolder
     You can See it Already contains 'hardware'  Folder. So You Have to Ovewrite the Files With same name Whenever prompted.
The duplicate Files Are ATMega328 supported executables And Configuration Files.
5. Start the Arduino IDE.
6. Use the Board ARDUINO UNO W/ATMEGA328 (NO P)

                                                  Download  File


  1. I would be glad to Answer Your Queries....

  2. I have not tested yet, but it will likely work for the new 328PB chip as well, which has been enhanced with one additional I2C and one additional SPI port. The signature is 0x1E, 0x95, 0x16.